Enhance creative digital marketing with data.

Leverage strategies with data to create custom brand messages to the right audience.

We help you do marketing right.

Marketing campaigns need creativity.

But these are only useful when they reach the right people.

Good marketing decisions rely on data.

But ads have limited potential when it’s purely technical.

We connect the creative to the technical.

We help you collect and use data to design personalized marketing plans that speak to the right people.

% of customers are more likely to choose a brand with personalized recommendations.


% of customers are more likely to return to a brand that provides recommendations


% of customers are ok with providing personal information as long as it is for their benefit.


% ROI when you make use data in your marketing decisions

Success Stories

By creating custom landing pages for team building events targeted towards corporate audience, Avid Media helped us increased our weekday revenue by 230%!

Group Entertainment Venue

Marketing Manager

Avid Media helped us to better understand our audience through data tracking. By retargeting new and returning customers, we improved our conversation rates by 55%.

Family Photographer Services

Lead Photographer

We migrated standard emails to all email subscribers to a more personalized email approach with the help of Avid Media. By tracking customer shopping patterns and sending out tailored emails, we saw a 35% increase in revenues.

Online Clothing Store


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