We Are Avid Media

Avid Media is a Toronto-based marketing company. We love numbers. We love being creative. Using data-informed marketing, we help you create better marketing campaigns to reach the right people and convert them into sales.

past Avid Media

Past: Engineer + Artist

With a background in industrial engineering, founder Samantha Chan combined her passion for data with her creative interests in her business prior to starting Avid Media. Over the eight years of managing the marketing aspects on top of overlooking general operations, she grew her first business from one small location to three larger physical locations in the Greater Toronto Area.

Present: Optimized Marketing

With her knowledge of data-informed marketing, Avid Media was founded to create customized data analytic tools to help other businesses make more informed marketing solutions. Combined with creatives, we design personalized marketing campaigns driven by data to optimize marketing efforts with a given budget.
present Avid Media
future Avid Media

Future: Continuous Innovation

At Avid Media, we optimize marketing solutions for our clients. As technology evolves and the market changes, we continue to innovate our marketing tools and creative design to provide our clients with continued marketing success.

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