Trust is key in gaining more sales. As you build connections with your audience, you strengthen their trust in you. Trust leads to confidence in your brand, and confidence leads to more business.

No matter if you’re just starting out, or if you’ve been in the industry for some time, trust needs to be continually built. Gain more trust from your audience using these 11 tips.

1. Consistency

The way you present your business reflects the way people see and remember you. If you have a consistent and memorable brand, it becomes easier for people to remember you.

Be consistent and genuine, because people can tell when you’re trying to be something you’re not. Taking it one step further, create an emotional connection with your audience.

Like this lego ad, the extra human touch tells your audience that you get them. It’s not about how impressive the Lego structure is, it’s how Lego can spark a child’s imagination. Seeing eye to eye with your audience turns you from “just another business” to a friend that can be trusted.

lego ad

2. Follow Up

Just like a friend, people appreciate it when you check in on them. The key is to let your audience know they are valued, so they will reciprocate with their trust in you.

For existing customers, create customized emails to thank them for their business. Surprise your customers with an awesome offer to make them feel special.

For those who aren’t customers yet, remarketing is actually appreciated and useful to your audience. Send them a gentle reminder like this one from BestBuy to let complete the purchase to seal the deal.

remarketing ads

3. Social Media

Social media builds engagement with your audience. Instead of regarding you as a thing, you’re interacting with your audience, just like how they interact with other friends. Get comments and respond in real time, and social media actively humanizes your relationship.

4. Security

For online businesses, some people might not feel comfortable providing personal information only. Having a trusted check-out system boosts online purchaser confidence. If you have a secured check-out system, be explicit and write it on your website.

5. Guarantee

AB testing wording

Image Source: VWO

When someone wants to buy a branded product from a third party business, how do they know they’re buying the real thing? Of course, your product is the real deal, so be explicit about it. Display an authenticity badge to let customers know that they’re getting a legitimate product.

Taking it one step further, a free trial period or warranty period shows that you believe in what you’re selling. In fact, you’re willing to stand behind it. This gives your audience extra assurance to trust you more.

6. List of Customers

Show off what you’ve done! If you have well-known customers, display their logos on your site. People who trust your past customers will trust who they trust.

7. Reviews

Instead of hearing from you, have your audience hear it from you customers directly. 88% of people read reviews to determine the quality of a business. So, don’t be shy. If you’ve done a good job, ask your customers to write you a review!

8. Blog

Maintaining an up-t0-date blog shows off that you are experts in the field. It also shows that you are passionate about what you’re doing and willing to share your passion (for free!) with your audience. A blog further builds your relationship as you give first, then later receive back from your customer.

9. Credentials

Did you win any industry awards? Are you a member of any industry organizations? Did you get certified in something in your industry? People are likely to include this in resumes when they’re looking to get hired. Just like a job, displaying your credentials on your website will increase your chances of getting you sales.

10. Transparency

As you have noticed, privacy laws are tightening across the globe. The reason for this is because the public is becoming more concerned about how businesses collect, use, and share their personal data. Maintain transparent policies in all aspects, such as privacy, returns, subscriptions, and cancellations. Take the first step in open communication – trust builds on honesty.

11. Press

Did you get on the paper? People trust that the media has done their research before giving you attention. So, if you’ve been covered by media, share the article and video links to further build trust with your audience.

Gaining trust from customers goes beyond conversions. Remember, if someone trusts and love your brand, you get an extra marketing voice for your business.

Trust is one of the factors that influencing conversions! Want to learn more ? Check out our blog post that discusses a total of 5 factors that make or break conversions.